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Bunka-Cho Film Week
World of Yojiro TakitaWorld of Yojiro Takita
Conference : Theme: Mastery of film
Director: Yojiro Takita
Very recently, "OKURIBITO (Departures)", directed by Yojiro Takita, won the Grand Prix des Americas, the highest award at the Montreal World Film Festival. Since the days he directed blue films, Takita has been known for his sense of humor. Following his first big screen film, "Comic Magazine", he has continued to direct comedies such as "The Yen Family", "We Are Not Alone" and "Byouin e Ikou (Let's Go to the Hospital)", which may be the culmination of what he has been aiming at for all these years. On the other hand, he has also become known as a chameleon-like director with "faces of different colors" for his films such as "Shinjuku Shark", "Onmyoji: The Yin Yang Master", "When the Last Sword Is Drawn", "The Battery" and "OKURIBITO (Departures)". All these films reflect his spirit of providing good service to the audience. Perhaps it is his basic principle to create movies that are fun and amusing for everyone. However, his films continue to change, so they cannot be categorized into one genre. After all his major award-winning works, we cannot help but look forward to what he will come up with next. Now let's hear what he has to say about it all! (Shinya Kawai)

Main guest : Yojiro Takita (Film director)
Guest : (s)
Moderator : Shinya Kawai (Film producer/ TIFF Advisor) (TBC)

"No More Comic!":selected by a fan ballot
●Director Yojiro Takita
●Cast Yuya Uchida/Takeshi Kitano

"The Yen Family"
●Director Yojiro Takita
●Cast Kaori Momoi/Takeshi Kaga
(C)1988 Fuji Television

"Made in Japan"
●Director Yojiro Takita
●Cast Hiroyuki Sanada/Tsutomu Yamazaki
(C)1993 Shochiku