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A Decade of Love (Omnibus Film): Exploration of a New Approach in HK Films Teach-in
Steven Cheung (actor), Angel Ho (actress), Lam Oi Wah Aubrey (dir.) and William Tam (prod.) of A Decade of Love (Winds of Asia-Middle East) made their appearance at the Teach-in.

(From left)Steven Cheung, Angel Ho, Lam Oi WahAubrey and William Tam.
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A Decade of Love is an omnibus of film of nine selections in which 10 directors portray the theme about the lives of people inthe span of 10 years since the Hong Kong's reversion to China in 1977.

When he was asked with the reason why he shot the omnibus film, William Tam (prod.) explained, "Hong Kong has been called Hollywood of the East for a long time. The numbers of the movie watchers have decreased due to the growth of the internet and the DVD users. Because the running time of each film is shorter, maybe I thought I could bring the audiences back to the theatres. This film is the first omnibus made in Hong Kong and I was hoping to enliven our film industry by choosing this method,"thus, Tam unveiled the reason for the idea which came from the present state of the Hong Kong Film Industry.

The young actor, Steven Cheung who made a performance in "Isabella" which was screened at the 19th edition of TIFF, also performs in the final film of A Decade of Love. Steven Cheung performed a role of youngster having drug problems. The method of the cinematography was rolling the camera for a long duration of 13 minutes without stopping th camera, almost like a stage play. He made an elaborate rehearsal and role preparations.

Angel Ho made a cute appearance introducing herself in Japanese, "Konnichiwa watashiwa Angel Ho desu."A Decade of Love" was her debut film but she challenged a difficult role as an austistic." I'm very cheerful to begin with. That was why the character making was difficult for me. I had a conversation with the austistic people and used the experience for my acting. The director also taught me how he would shoot the film with his camera.

The director, Lam O. Wah Aubrey is also a famous script writer but because of her beauty, she is often mistaken as an actress. The reason why she chose the city named Peak in Hong Kong as the shooting location was because the area has made a big economic changes recently.

The omnibus film records the various aspirations of the people in Hong Kong. Would the film bring new perspective to the Hong Kong Film Industry. Although still young, Steven Cheung, has already performed in more than 20 films and Angel Ho has just finished her latest film and is considered as the new star of the Hong Kong Film Industry.


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