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TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix will be presented to an outstanding new film chosen from the main program that gives due consideration to nature, the environment and ecology. The award-winning film will be given a specially designed trophy. The winner will be selected from all the films screened at the 2008 Festival, particularly those in the “natural TIFF” section. The selection will be made by three judges including Chairman Tom Yoda, who advocated its introduction. Both the director’s approach to the theme and completeness of the film will be taken into consideration. The much anticipated winner of the innovative new award will be announced at the Closing Ceremony on the final day of the Festival.

Etsuko Takano Tetsuya Bessho

Etsuko Takano

1929 Born in Manchuria (current north-eastern region of China)
1951 Graduated from the Social Welfare Department, Japan Women's University
Having worked at Toho Co., Ltd.,
1958 Enrolled in the Department of Motion Pictures, Paris Film School (IDHEC). Graduated in 1961.
Feb 1968 Established Iwanami Hall and became the General Manager.
Feb 1974 Headed up Équipe de Cinéma with Kashiko Kawakita
1985 Became the General Producer for Tokyo International Women's Festival
Sep 1997 to Aug 2007 The first Honorable Director of the National Film Center

Tetsuya Bessho

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Keio University. Made his Hollywood debut in 1990 with the Japan-US collaboration film, Solar Crisis and he became a member of the Screen Actors Guild. His major film works include Shin Dosei Jidai, for which he won the Japan Academy Rookie of Year award, as well as Nami no Kazu Dake Dakishimete, Daitoryo no Christmas Tree, Parasite Eve, ekiden, ULTRAMAN. Moreover, he achieves great success in the musicals such as Les Misérables and Miss Saigon. Besides acting, since 1999, he has run the first international short film festival in Japan, "Short Shorts Film Festival" (www.shortshort.org.) The festival has been accredited by the Academy Awards since 2004. It celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Tom Yoda (TIFF Chairman)

TIFF Chairman