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Access from Shibuya Station
Go out Shibuya Station from the Hachiko Exit, cross the main Shibuya intersection, and head up Bunkamura Street. The Bunkamura complex is located next to the Tokyu Department Main Store. There is also a free shuttle bus service leaving from the Miyamasu-zaka Exit.
Facility Guide and Detailed Map
For more information, see the Official Bunkamura Site.
Barrier-Free Facilities
Wheelchair Rentals
Free wheelchair rentals are available at the Bunkamura 1st Floor Information Desk. The number of available wheelchairs is limited, so please telephone the information desk beforehand.
For more information, contact Bunkamura at 03.3477.9100.
Rest rooms
Rest rooms located at Bunkamura B1F, Orchard Hall, Theatre Cocoon, and Le Cinéma are equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.