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Advance tickets Sales

Tickets will be sold at Ticket Pia starting on Saturday, October 4.

* "Winds of Asia, Select Pass" will be sold starting on Saturday, September 20.
Things to remember in purchasing advance tickets

· You may purchase tickets for all the films up to 21:00 two days prior to the
  date of the screening.

· Purchase of tickets for the Opening Screening, Closing Screening,
  Special Screenings,Special Program『Takarazuka Revue Cinema』 will be restricted to
  two tickets per person.

· The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Ordinance for Healthy Youth Development
  prohibits individuals under the age of 18 from being at theaters from 23:00 to 4:00.
  This also applies when these individuals are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  Please note that screening of some films will end after 23:00.

Methods of purchase

Purchasing tickets in Japan

Tickets can be purchased via the internet (Japanese text only), by telephone (Japanese only), at Ticket Pia and convenience stores (Family Mart and Circle K Sunkus).

Tickets purchasing outside Japan

Ticket can only be purchased in Japan. Please purchase the tickets at Ticket Pia after your arrival in Japan. Purchasing via the internet and by telephone is only available in Japanese.

Purchase at Ticket Pia on internet

Tickets may be purchased via this website.
  http://t.pia.jp/feature/cinema/tiff/tiff08.html (Japanese text only)

Purchase through Pia’s telephone reservation service

Phone number : 0570.02.9999
(Voice-recognition reservation service: 10:00-23:30)

* Operator assistance ends at 18:00. Note that you may choose to make your reservations by P-code even when operators are available.

* Be sure to pick up the tickets you had reserved within 3 days.

* Reservations by phone for tickets to attend the Opening Screening, Opening Night Screening, Closing Screening, and Special Screenings will be accepted via a special phone number. This, however, applies only to the first day of sales.
Special phone number for the first day of sale ("first-day special phone number") → 0570.02.9980

Purchase at Pia Stations and Pia Spots across Japan

Check here for location of Pia shops. Note that business hours differ depending on the store.
(Japanese text only)

Purchase at Family Mart and Circle K Sunkus convenience stores throughout Japan

* Tickets will be available at convenience stores from 11:00 only the first day of sales.
* A P-code is required for purchasing your tickets at convenience stores.

For the detail of the screening / event below, Please find the URL.

The 20th Tokyo International Women's Film Festival * Japanese text only
(Tokyo Women's Plaza)

KOREAN CINEMA WEEK 2008 * Japanese text only
(Yomiuri Hall / Sogetsu Hall)

2008 Tokyo China Film Festival * Japanese text only
(Cinema mediage / Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia "Focus on Asia" & Workshop
(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)

German Film Festival in Tokyo - Horizonte 2008 * Japanese text only
(Shinjuku Wald 9)

AKIHABARA ENTA-MATSURI 2008 * Japanese text only
(Akihabara UDX & Stores in Akihabara area)

The 6th Kyoto Film Festival * Japanese text only
(Gion Kaikan / MOVIX Kyoto / and others)

The 1st Old Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival
(Asakusa Public Hall / Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan and others)

TIFF prohibits illegal dealing in tickets such as reselling.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.