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"Sing for Darfur" is filled with aspiration to reach the whole world.
The TIFF Competition Cafe interview for the film, Sing for Darfur, was held on Oct. 24 (Fri) at the TIFF Movie Cafe in Roppongi Hills. Johan Kramer (dir.), Esther Udaeta (prod.), Ernesto Guaru Sore(prod. manager) and Wouter Westendorp (dir. of photography) and Rikke Jelier(prod. designer) appeared at the interview!

"This was the first screening outside of Holland and were glad to recieve the good response from the audiences," says Johan Kramer (dir.)

"Sing for Darfur was produced for non-profitable purpose with the hope of raising the awareness towards Darfur. The completion of film was possible only through friendship of the people who participated in the film making. It is their film as well." He showed his gratitude for being linked in friendship with them.

Most part of the film was shot in mono-chrome. When Kramer was asked about the choice of this color,"Kramer replied.

"I thought that the cinematography with the use of monochrome was appropriate as a mirror to reflect the reality of the tiresome and superficial modern society in endless rapid transition. I wanted to end the film with the feeling of the hope."

Finally the Team of Sing for Darfur said they hoped that the film would reach the whole world.

Wouter Westendorp (dir. of photography), Esther Udaeta (prod.), Johan Kramer (dir.), Ernesto Guaru Sore(prod.manager), Rikke Jelier(prod. designer) .(From the left)

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