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Recipients of awards & President of Jury showing relaxed expression after Press Conference

Directors and Cast members who recieved each awards accepted the Press coverage following the Closing Ceremony.
They showed relaxed expression at the photo session with a sense of relief from completing the Press Conference and joy felt from the award presentation!

Competition section - Winner of Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix & Award for Best Actor
Tulpan」- Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.)

Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.), Samal Yeslyamova (actress) and Askhat Kuchinchirekov (actor) - {From left]

Askhat has playful personality. He is also well-versed in Japanese and really loves Rashomon.

Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.) won both Grand Prix and Award for Best Actor.

Competition Section - Special Jury Prize - Winner
4 Nights with Anna」 - Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.)

Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) looks great in green.

Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) and Ewa Piaskowska (scriptwrier/Producer)

Competition section - Audience Award & TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix - Winner
School Days with a Pig」- Tetsu Maeda (dir.)

It was very impressive to see Tetsu Maeda (dir.) talk about the late Shinji Soumai (dir.).

Winds of Asia - Middle East, Best Asian - Middle Eastern Film Award - Winner
My Marlon and Brando」- Huseyin Karabey (dir.).

The feature debut film which was produced by over-coming various difficulties has exquisitely won an award!

Japanese Eyes section - Best Picture Award, buy a suit by Jun Ichikawa (dir.) - Winner
buy a suit」- Jun Ichikawa (dir.).

Leading Actress Yukiko Sunahara (who usually works as a staff for commercial production) and Tomoya Suenaga (asst. dir.)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Winner
Ashes from the Sky」-Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.)

Good-humored Jose Antonio Quiros gave the whole speech in Japanese at the Award Presentation.

Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.) and Loris Omedes (prod.)

President of Jury, International Competition Jury: Jon Voight

Friendly President of Jury


Bigger-than-life Hollywood Star - Jon Voight

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