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Enjoy TULPAN and Director Sergey Dvortsevoy winner the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix with ON DEMAND delivery

Official web site for Tokyo International Film will be delivering the live coverage of the Closing Ceremony which took place at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on Oct. 26. Enjoy the winners of Akira Kurosawa Award, Nikita Mikhalkov (dir.) and Chen Kaige (dir.) deliver a speech on the late Akira Kurosawa. Tetsu Maeda (dir.) of School Days with a Pig express his feelings about the late Shinji Soumai (dir.) and video message from Vincent Cassal as well as Serge Dvortsevoy who won both the Best Director Award and the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix with Tulpan express his joy!

ON DEMAND VIDEOS are no longer avialable.

Host John Kabira & Junko Kubo and Councilor Masahiro Yoshizaki -Commerce and Information Bureau of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Announcing Winners of Akira Kurosawa Award

Akira Kurosawa Award, Chairman of Awards Committee, Yuukichi Shinada; Kadokawa Cultural Foundation, Tsuguhiko Kadokawa and Kazuko Kurosawa

Introducing Awardees of Akira Kurosawa Award and the winning speech
Directors, Nikita Mikhalkov and Chen Kaige

Japanese Eyes - Best Picture Award & Special Award- Announcements & Speech
Fujiro Mitsuishi (dir.) of Aosaka Hamlet recieved Special Award as proxy for Ittoku Kishibe (actor). Also, Tomoya Suenaga (assit. dir.) and Mrs. Sachiko Ichikawa, wife of the late Jun Ichikawa and Yuko Sekiguchi, President of Jury.

Best Asian - Middle Eastern Film Award
My Marlon and Brando - DirectorHuseyn Karabey and President of Jury, Koshi Ueno

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Jury Award & Special Award Announcement & Speech
Tetsu Maeda (dir.), the recipient for the Jury Award, School Days with a Pig. The Jury member, Setsuko Takano with Green Ambassador Anne. The Special Award was presented to THE MEERKATS.

Earth Grand Prix Announcement & Speech
Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.) of Ashes from the Sky holding the TOYOTA Earth Grand prix trophy ith joy. The jury member Tetsuya Bessho and Masayuki Nakai, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Audience - Award Announcement & Award speech & Message

Tetsu Maeda returns back on the stage. Audience Award went to School Days with a Pig.

International Competition Jury Speech

The members of the International Competition Speech

International Competition Jury- Comment on the film titles awarded for Competition section

Award for Best Artistic Contribution - Announcement & Speech

The worldsales proxy Vanessa Saal recieved the award for With a Little Help from Myself

Award for Best Actor - Announcement & Video Message

Vincent Cassel recieved the Award for Best Actor. The video message for the awardee was screened. The Trophy was accepted by Conseiller Culturel Adjoint, Francis Maizieres recieved the Award on behalf of Vincent Cassel.

Award for Best Actress - Announcement & Speech

The world sales proxy, Vannessa Saal returns to the stage on behalf of Felicite Wouassi who returned home earlier.

Award for Best Director - Announcement and Speech
Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.) of Tulpan and President of the International Competition Jury, Jon Voight and Askhat Kuchinchirekov (actor) and Samal Yeslyamova (actress)

Special Jury Prize - Announcement Speech
Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) of 4 Nights with Anna and Scriptwriter/Producer, Ewa Piaskowska

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix - Announcement & Speech

Askhat Kuchinchirekov and Samal Yeslyamova (actress) of Tulpan with Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.)

Chairman Tom Yoda's Closing Speech

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