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TIFF's commentary on loss of the director,Yasmin Ahmad

TIFF’s commentary: On sudden loss of the 51-year-old director, Ms. Yasmin Ahmad, on July 25th, 2009.

Tokyo International Film Festival had the honor and pleasure to screen each and every films of the director, Ahmad since her debut film as Japan Premiere and 4th film Mukhsin as World Premiere. She is one of the directors in the world that TIFF has forged a special bond with.

2005, 18th Tokyo International Film Festival - Winds of Asia screening of the Best Asian Film Award winning film, Sepet (aka Slit Eyes).
2006, 19th Tokyo International Film Festival – Winds of Asia special screening of “Film Malaysia:Truly Asia Yasmin the Storyteller” which showcased Rabun (aka My Failing Eyesight), Sepet (aka Slit Eyes), Gubra (aka Anxiety) and Mukhsin.
2008, 21st Tokyo International Film Festival – Winds of Asia screening of the honorably mentioned film, Muallaf (aka Convert),.

We would like to express our sincere condolences and deepest sympathies at this moment of grief.

The 22nd edition of The Tokyo International Film Festival Office


Film Critics Project - Award Winners

The Award Winners of the 3rd Film Critics Project are as follows.

◆ Honorable Mentions
Yoshiyuki Aoki "School Days with a Pig"
Naota Kakimoto "Cztery noce z Anna"
Toru Furukawa "Sing for Darfur"

About the 3rd Film Critics Project


Relaying comments: Reflections on 21st TIFF (Part Ⅵ)

■Competition Section - Special Jury Prize
4 Nights with Anna』Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.)

○What are your thoughts about Competition Section - Special Jury Prize?

Obviously I’m very happy and satisfied with the award. The fact that my work was recognized by such a wonderful jury., the famous people, it’s very satisfying.

○What are your impressions for paticipating in TIFF?

It was a wonderful experience to participate in TIFF. I was not expecting such a scale. It is one of the largest festival in the world. It was organized in a perfect way. Japanese way.


Relaying comments: Reflections on 21st TIFF (Part III)

■TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix
Ashes from the Sky』Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.)
Comments from Loris Omedes (prod.)

Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.) and Loris Omedes (prod.) [Left]

○What are your impressions for participating in TIFF?

I came to Japan with a strong enthusiam when my film entry for TIFF was determined. I had a good experience meeting Japanese people. I am very happy to have been able to show my film here and for recieving an award.

○What are your thoughts about TOYOTA EARTH Grand Prix?

It is extremely difficult in my country to gather production budget for making film. I hope there will be more opportunity for financing my film in future because of the award that I've recieved from this festival. The best thing of all is that my message about the ecology has reached the audience.


Relaying comments: Reflections on 21st TIFF (Part II)

■Winds of Asia - Middle East / Best Asian - Middle Eastern Film Award
My Marlon and Brando』 Comment from Husseyin Karabey (dir.)


○What are your impressions for paticipating in TIFF?

I heard a lot about Tokyo International Film Festival. I never thought I would be able to come here with my film. So when I got the news I was so excited and happy. Finally, I was awarded with the bonus so I felt very privileged about it.

○What are your thoughts about Green Carpet?

I think Green Carpet and Ecology is a very very nice idea. I like it because as artist we should be the first one to make a start. I think we are even already late in doing so. Thanks to TIFF, I think you will start a trend in the world. I think there will be many green carpet after Tokyo International Film Festival.


Relaying comments: Reflections on 21st TIFF (Part I)

■Chairman Tom Yoda of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF, TIFFCOM)


This was my first film festival as a chairman. We are grateful for your understanding and favorable acceptance of Green Carpet welcome enacted upon Ecological theme as well as the official car "IQ". We've finally reached the moment of "hop" as in "hop, step and jump", today on Oct. 26. Furthermore, as of Oct. 27 onward, TIFF OFFICE will initiate the coming 365 days toward the "step" for next year. The film market, TIFFCOM was completed with a success and Industry members as well as the public won't be able to take their eyes off Tokyo, Japan during the late October when TIFF, TIFFCOM and CoFesta takes place.


Recipients of awards & President of Jury showing relaxed expression after Press Conference

Directors and Cast members who recieved each awards accepted the Press coverage following the Closing Ceremony.
They showed relaxed expression at the photo session with a sense of relief from completing the Press Conference and joy felt from the award presentation!

Competition section - Winner of Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix & Award for Best Actor
Tulpan」- Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.)

Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.), Samal Yeslyamova (actress) and Askhat Kuchinchirekov (actor) - {From left]

Askhat has playful personality. He is also well-versed in Japanese and really loves Rashomon.

Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.) won both Grand Prix and Award for Best Actor.

Competition Section - Special Jury Prize - Winner
4 Nights with Anna」 - Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.)

Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) looks great in green.

Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) and Ewa Piaskowska (scriptwrier/Producer)

Competition section - Audience Award & TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix - Winner
School Days with a Pig」- Tetsu Maeda (dir.)

It was very impressive to see Tetsu Maeda (dir.) talk about the late Shinji Soumai (dir.).

Winds of Asia - Middle East, Best Asian - Middle Eastern Film Award - Winner
My Marlon and Brando」- Huseyin Karabey (dir.).

The feature debut film which was produced by over-coming various difficulties has exquisitely won an award!

Japanese Eyes section - Best Picture Award, buy a suit by Jun Ichikawa (dir.) - Winner
buy a suit」- Jun Ichikawa (dir.).

Leading Actress Yukiko Sunahara (who usually works as a staff for commercial production) and Tomoya Suenaga (asst. dir.)

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Winner
Ashes from the Sky」-Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.)

Good-humored Jose Antonio Quiros gave the whole speech in Japanese at the Award Presentation.

Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.) and Loris Omedes (prod.)

President of Jury, International Competition Jury: Jon Voight

Friendly President of Jury


Bigger-than-life Hollywood Star - Jon Voight

2008.10.29[Special Contents]

cyberTIFF station Oct. 27

・The scenes fro Award Presentation at the Closing Ceremony

We'll see you again at the 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival!
enjoy TIFF!


Enjoy TULPAN and Director Sergey Dvortsevoy winner the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix with ON DEMAND delivery

Official web site for Tokyo International Film will be delivering the live coverage of the Closing Ceremony which took place at Bunkamura Orchard Hall on Oct. 26. Enjoy the winners of Akira Kurosawa Award, Nikita Mikhalkov (dir.) and Chen Kaige (dir.) deliver a speech on the late Akira Kurosawa. Tetsu Maeda (dir.) of School Days with a Pig express his feelings about the late Shinji Soumai (dir.) and video message from Vincent Cassal as well as Serge Dvortsevoy who won both the Best Director Award and the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix with Tulpan express his joy!

ON DEMAND VIDEOS are no longer avialable.

Host John Kabira & Junko Kubo and Councilor Masahiro Yoshizaki -Commerce and Information Bureau of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Announcing Winners of Akira Kurosawa Award

Akira Kurosawa Award, Chairman of Awards Committee, Yuukichi Shinada; Kadokawa Cultural Foundation, Tsuguhiko Kadokawa and Kazuko Kurosawa

Introducing Awardees of Akira Kurosawa Award and the winning speech
Directors, Nikita Mikhalkov and Chen Kaige

Japanese Eyes - Best Picture Award & Special Award- Announcements & Speech
Fujiro Mitsuishi (dir.) of Aosaka Hamlet recieved Special Award as proxy for Ittoku Kishibe (actor). Also, Tomoya Suenaga (assit. dir.) and Mrs. Sachiko Ichikawa, wife of the late Jun Ichikawa and Yuko Sekiguchi, President of Jury.

Best Asian - Middle Eastern Film Award
My Marlon and Brando - DirectorHuseyn Karabey and President of Jury, Koshi Ueno

TOYOTA Earth Grand Prix Jury Award & Special Award Announcement & Speech
Tetsu Maeda (dir.), the recipient for the Jury Award, School Days with a Pig. The Jury member, Setsuko Takano with Green Ambassador Anne. The Special Award was presented to THE MEERKATS.

Earth Grand Prix Announcement & Speech
Jose Antonio Quiros (dir.) of Ashes from the Sky holding the TOYOTA Earth Grand prix trophy ith joy. The jury member Tetsuya Bessho and Masayuki Nakai, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Audience - Award Announcement & Award speech & Message

Tetsu Maeda returns back on the stage. Audience Award went to School Days with a Pig.

International Competition Jury Speech

The members of the International Competition Speech

International Competition Jury- Comment on the film titles awarded for Competition section

Award for Best Artistic Contribution - Announcement & Speech

The worldsales proxy Vanessa Saal recieved the award for With a Little Help from Myself

Award for Best Actor - Announcement & Video Message

Vincent Cassel recieved the Award for Best Actor. The video message for the awardee was screened. The Trophy was accepted by Conseiller Culturel Adjoint, Francis Maizieres recieved the Award on behalf of Vincent Cassel.

Award for Best Actress - Announcement & Speech

The world sales proxy, Vannessa Saal returns to the stage on behalf of Felicite Wouassi who returned home earlier.

Award for Best Director - Announcement and Speech
Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.) of Tulpan and President of the International Competition Jury, Jon Voight and Askhat Kuchinchirekov (actor) and Samal Yeslyamova (actress)

Special Jury Prize - Announcement Speech
Jerzy Skolimowski (dir.) of 4 Nights with Anna and Scriptwriter/Producer, Ewa Piaskowska

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix - Announcement & Speech

Askhat Kuchinchirekov and Samal Yeslyamova (actress) of Tulpan with Sergey Dvortsevoy (dir.)

Chairman Tom Yoda's Closing Speech


Press Conference Report: Jon Voight, President of the International Competition Jury.

■Japanese Eyes: Best Picture Award “buy a suit”

 Tomoya Suenaga (asst. dir.) and Yukiko Sunahara (lead actress) of the film, “buy a suit” directed by the late Jun Ichikawa (dir.); the winner of the Best Picture Award for the Japanese Eyes section, made their appearance on the stage.

It was Suenaga who said “We’ve already reported to the director about winning the award. The director has been with us since the day he passed away.” Sunahara (actress) usually works as a staff for commercial shooting. When the press asked her if she would like to continue her career as an actress, she replied, “I doubt not. If there is an offer, I must consult with Director Ichikawa.” They all seemed to give more than a passing thought for the director. “Mr. Ichikawa wanted to recall the feeling when he first began to make a film. He wanted to make the film he honestly wanted to. He wanted to direct a film other than a commercial film. This film was the first of series that he wanted to make.” When he first held the HDV camera, Director Ichikawa played with it happily like a child. Mr. Ichikawa has already decided on Ms. Sunahara as a lead back then,” which Sunahara herself didn’t know.

■Best Asian – Middle Eastern Film Award goes to “My Marlon and Brando”

Huseyin Karabey (dir.) who expect the film to be released in his country in two weeks to come made a comment about the award, “I am glad that the film received the international reputation. He explained that he was a Kurd living in Turkey. “This is my first film to be theatrically released. But I’ve been making film that dealt with human rights since 12 years ago. I’ve been making film to convey the facts known only by the people who are concerned with the issue without unfair stereo-typing. The beliefs that motivates us is not hate but understanding. It is our effort that makes the peace. It means a lot for a Kurd who lives in Turkey to be awarded with the film that dealt with the taboo issue in Turkey.” Karabey closed his speech by saying, “I hope that the younger generation of film makers will follow my path.”

International Competition Jury (General Evaluations) Jon Voight

Jon Voight, President of Jury was last to give a speech at the press conference. Now that the selection is over, I can take it easy now,” he made the press laugh. He explained the reason for selecting Tulpan as the winner of the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

For this edition, we didn’t intend to give out the six awards evenly to the six winners. In any case, we wanted to award the film that we thought was the best. We didn’t mind how many awards were presented to one awardee. Seen in that light, we chose Tulpan as a solid vote. Obviously, he was the director that made the best film which was superior in every means.

When Jon Voight was asked with the question about the Green Carpet, he replied, “It’s the first time I’ve walked on such a huge carpet. It’s a wonderful thought to make a carpet from recycled matter. The carpet is made strong and durable. I want to congratulate those who made it. “Idai”= (Japanese word for “great”). It’s definitely a 5 star, “ he said comically. He added, “I’ve never gave such a long speech about the carpet (laughingly), which made the press members roar in laughter.

When voight was asked with the questions from the French and the Chinese press with the reason why other films weren’t selected as a winner or why the film was selected as winner. According to Voight’s opinion, there were three films that I wanted to really award with a small bouquet. The films were School Days with a Pig, Hamoon and Darya and Planet Carlos. I really want the young people to really watch these films for these films pursue the wonderful dreams. I’ve consulted with the Chairman Tom Yoda and told him of my idea of making these films to DVD and pass them at schools. I wanted to talk about the film with the students for an hour,” Voight expressed himself passionately. “I’ve requested to make a small award from the President of the Jury, but it was a last minute request, too short of a notice and couldn’t make it happen.

The press conference started 50 minutes late due to the exciting Closing Ceremony but was filled with the mood of celebration and feelings of the filmmakers.