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The 6th Kyoto Film Festival

This year marks the 100th year since the first feature film was made in Kyoto,
which was Honnoji gassen by Shozo Makino. It is also 100 years since Shozo Makino's eldest son,
Masahiro Makino was born. The movie history in Kyoto since then overlaps
with the 100 years' history of Japanese movies.
The 6th Kyoto Film Festival explores the trails the Makino family left in the Japanese
movie industry through screenings of movies by Shozo and Masahiro Makino as well as guest talks.
All nine series of Jirocho sangokushi will be screened back to back in an all night session.
Movies which have not been shown in Kyoto will also be screened.

Co-hosted by
Kyoto Film Festival Executive Committee
From Wednesday, October 8 to Monday, October 13
Gion Kaikan / MOVIX Kyoto / and others
Contact Address
Hello Dial: 03.5405.8686 / 050.5548.8600 (IP Phone)
(9:00 - 18:00)
  http://www.kyoto-filmfes.jp/ (Japanese text only)