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natural TIFF supported by TOYOTA
BIUTIFUL CAUNTRIBiùtiful cauntri
Director: Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D'Ambrosio, Peppe Ruggiero
Sheep breeders who see their sheep die from dioxin. An environmental teacher who fights against environmental crimes. Farmers who cultivate land polluted by the nearby dumps. Stories, reports and testimony of the massacre of a land. We are in Italy, in the Campania region where there are 1200 unauthorised toxic waste dumps. In the background, the Camorra business that uses lorries and mechanical diggers instead of pistols. A Camorra with white collars, deviated entrepreneurial activity and colluded institutions, told by a judge who reveals the mechanisms of a violent activity that is causing more deaths, slow in time, than any other criminal phenomenon.
(イタリア語のみ)(Italian text only)
Color 80min. digibeta Italian