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Bunka-Cho Film Week
World of Kiyoshi KurosawaWorld of Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Conference : Theme: Kurosawa films will evolve
Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Films are cruel and it doesn't necessarily get any better no matter how many you shoot. In fact, many filmmakers lose the luster of their early works and start to fall into self-mimicry. Kiyoshi Kurosawa is a filmmaker who has continuously succeeded in renewing his style. His latest work, "Tokyo Sonata", gave me shudder as I realized that it was a film that explored new type of family movie genre. Yet again he had created a film that was different from his past works. I feel that there is only one other director in movie history like him, and that is his hero, Steven Spielberg. Kiyoshi Kurosawa's evolution would appear to have no ending; all alone, he continues to renew the possibilities of film itself.(Junichi Kobayashi)

Main guest : Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Film director)
Guest : (s)
Moderator : Junichi Kobayashi (Chief Editor of "Invitation" magazine)

"Matasaburo the wind imp/Kenji Miyazawa"
●Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
●Cast kyoko koizumi
(C) Matasaburo the wind imp/Kenji Miyazawa

"Soul Dancing"
●Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
●Cast Tadanobu Asano

"Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself 5: The Nouveau Riche"
●Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
●Cast Sho Aikawa/Koyo Maeda

"Serpent's Path"
●Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
●Cast Sho Aikawa/Teruyuki Kagawa
(C) Kadokawa Pictures

"Charisma":selected by a fan ballot
●Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa
●Cast Koji Yakusho/Hiroyuki Ikeuchi