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New Activities at 21st TIFF

The 21st TIFF will hold various events under the theme of this edition, "Ecology", as innovative efforts to become a leading world film festival, in which guests, fans and sponsors will enjoy participating.

Green carpet welcome

TIFF will throw a Green Carpet Welcome on the opening day at Roppongi Keyakizaka Street with a hope of conveying the message of “Ecology = Preservation of Earth’s Environment.” The carpet will be manufactured from recycled plastic bottles to reduce the burden on the earth. Research and trials are currently in progress to ensure the safety and durability of the carpet.

A newly founded natural TIFF section

Living up to its ecological theme, 21st TIFF will launch a new section carrying underlying messages which hold an emphasis on “coexistence of human and nature.” Rather than tackling the problems head on, the section will convey messages on “Global Environmental Issues” by screening films that examine relations between men and nature from various angles.


The new award will be presented to the outstanding new films chosen from the TIFF’s section which gives due consideration to nature, environment, and ecology. The award winning film will be given a specially designed trophy.