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TIFFCOM2008 featuring the Asia-Pacific Entertainment Market

TIFFCOM2008 is an entertainment content business market affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival. "TIFFCOM", celebrating its 5th anniversary, is the main business market. "TPG - Tokyo Project Gathering" is the market for finding co-productions and fundings. "Seminar@TIFFCOM" offers opportunities to learn the latest industries. TIFFCOM aims to encourage businesses to go global and succeed.
TIFFCOM offers variety in genres: Films, TV programs, Animations, Comics, Characters, Games, Mobile,Digital,Web Contents etc. Many entertainment content businesses are sought and newly created at the market. TIFFCOM strengthens Broadcasting and TV fields by cooperating with "International Drama Festival" in 2008. This Fall TIFFCOM is held as the most active, diversified and global market in Asia.
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