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Action! for Earth

The 21st TIFF will hold various events under the theme of this edition, "Ecology", as innovative efforts to become a leading world film festival, in which guests, fans and sponsors will enjoy participating.

Action! for Earth We make films. But the Earth made us.

Cinema is a global language that constantly adapts to reflect each era. The greatest films inevitably address the most compelling social issues of their times.

One of the most urgent problems we now face is protection of the Earth’s environment. While many individual films have grappled with ways to sustain our environment, no international film festival has yet stepped up to champion this issue.

This is why we are gathering filmmakers here in Tokyo to think about how to care for our planet and propose solutions. We hope our ideas will resonate far beyond the film community, contributing to the global conversation on our planet’s future.

By engaging with the environmental crisis as filmmakers, we can find new ways to imagine our relationship with the Earth. Because we make films, but the Earth made us.

Action! for Earth.