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History 17th Tokyo International Film Festival  Lineup

This year's TIFF was held in Roppongi Hills as well as Bunkamura. On October 22, dubbed "Opening Eve," Wong Kar-wai's "2046" was the featured screening. Takuya Kimura, who appeared in the film, paid a visit to the Roppongi Hills Arena. On opening day, a red carpet covered the Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori. The 17th TIFF had its highest-ever attendance.

Beginning this year, a new "Japanese Eyes" was set up to show people in and outside Japan the wide variety and individuality of Japanese films that are being produced. In addition, “TIFFCOM” was established for the benefit of content business managers from Japan and overseas. “Tokyo International Film and Contents Market 2004” and other forums provided opportunities for comprehensive entertainment businesses covering film, animation, games, and character content.

This year marked the establishment of "Akira Kurosawa Award" given to filmmakers who made a significant contribution to world cinema. The award was designed to keep Kurosawa's legacy alive, symbolize the rebirth of distinctively Japanese forms of artistic expression, and contribute to the development of a wide range of global cinema activities. The award was presented this year to Steven Spielberg and Yoji Yamada.

2004 17th Prize Winner
International Competition
Application total number is 310 entries from 59 countries / regions

Tokyo Grand Prix
WHISKY (Juan Pablo Rebella / Pablo Stoll)

Special Jury Prize
Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (Lu Chuan)

Award for Best Director
Im Chan-sang (The President's Barber)

Award for Best Performance by an Actress in Leading Role
Mirella Pascual (WHISKY)

Award for Best Perfoumance by an Actor in Leading Role
Olzhas Nusuppaev (Schizo)

Award for Best Artistic Contribution
Chicken Is Barefoot (Azuma Morisaki)

The Audience Award
The President's Barber (Im Chan-sang)

Winds of Asia

Asian Film Award
Possible Changes (Min Byung-Kook)

Japanese Eyes

Best Picture Award
JYUKAI The Sea of Trees Behind Mt. Fuji (Tomoyuki Takimoto)

Special Award
Kanji Tsuda
(for his performance in JYUKAI The Sea of Trees Behind Mt. Fuji)

Akira Kurosawa Award

Director: Steven Spielberg
Director: Yoji Yamada

Opening Screening
"The Hidden Blade" Yoji Yamada

Closing Screening
"The Termial" Steven Spielberg