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History 18th Tokyo International Film Festival  Lineup

TIFF opened in Roppongi Hills and closed in Bunkamura. Beginning this year, "Tokyo Grand Prix," given to the most outstanding film in "Competition," was renamed "Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix" in recognition of the symbolic nature cherry blossoms play in Japanese culture.

The film festival opened with "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" and closed with "RIKIDOZAN," both films a result of collaboration among multiple Asian nations. These and other films at TIFF reflected the increased exchange of people and ideas among these countries.

In addition to a focus on the business side of filmmaking, market-related programs centered on "TIFFCOM" featured "AKIHABARA ENTA-MATSURI" held in the district of Akihabara, a global Mecca of animation and games.

TIFF seeks to act as a mirror of developments in the film industry and at the same time provides illumination of its own. This year’s event showed that works that originate in Japan, particularly non-cinema entertainment content such as animation, comics, and games, have influenced an entire generation of filmmakers whose works have proved greatly popular and have in turn influenced movie people around the world.

The number of movie theaters in Shibuya was 21 in 2005. With the opening of more mini-theaters in the area, the number of theaters increased to 25 in 2006.

2005 18th Prize Winner
International Competition
Application total number is 551 entries from 64 countries / regions

Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix
What the Snow Brings (Kichitaro Negishi)

Special Jury Prize
Conversations with Other Women (Hans Canosa)

Award for Best Director
Kichitaro Negishi (What the Snow Brings)

Award for Best Performance by an Actress in Leading Role
Helena Bonham Carter (Conversations with Other Women)

Award for Best Performance by an Actor in Leading Role
Koichi Sato (What the Snow Brings)

Award for Best Performance by an Actress in Leading Role
Jin Ya-qin (You and Me)

Award for Best Artistic Contribution
Loach is Fish Too (Yang Ya-zhou)

The Audience Award
What the Snow Brings (Kichitaro Negishi)

Winds of Asia

Best Asian Film Award
Sepet (Slit Eyes) (Yasmin Ahmad)

Special Mention
Be with Me (Eric Khoo)

Japanese Eyes

Best Picture Award
Who's Camus Anyway? (Mitsuo Yanagimachi)

Special Award
Ski Jumping Pairs - Road to TORINO 2006 -
(Planning team of "Ski Jumping Pairs")

Akira Kurosawa Award

Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien

Opening Screening
"Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles"
Zhang Yimou

Closing Screening
"RIKIDOZAN" Song Hae-seong